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How can we waterproof the laminate flooring?

Well, we all know laminate flooring itself known as a protective layer to prevent water seeping in and it helps the floor to look fabulous. We need to choose the best waterproofing method for the longevity of the floor. You must be thinking of what essential things we need to do for making it waterproof. Let’s have a look what do we people should do

Select waterproof flooring

 This one might be a simple solution for various people who are looking for a waterproofed flooring option. Go and select waterproof flooring because this is the best idea while you people are planning for renovation & design flooring for the home. Waterproof laminate flooring is not expensive at all and it will last long to years.

Look into locking mechanisms

 What else we need to do is to lock the laminate planks. Waterproofing these gaps give the most durable option of laminate flooring. Laminate flooring sealant available in the market. It doesn’t glue the planks together but lifts up the floor easily whenever we need to be. Perfect sealant for laminate is important and we can see the floor will get the expansion and contract with the weather rather than remaining stiff.

Expansion gap must be caulked

All we need to do is to caulk the areas that are prone to damage. All you have to do is to caulk the expansion gaps by fixtures & walls. Keep the laminate floor in good condition by preventing water seeping in those areas which are vulnerable to water. When we say caulking expansion gaps it means we are going to caulk it with silicone caulk that prevents liquid soaking in cracks. We all know silicone is a bit flexible.

Do Top coating with polyurethane

 Well, laminate flooring must be covered with polyurethane is great things to make sure that the floor is sufficiently waterproofed. While installing waterproof flooring is an effective way to have a waterproof laminate surface.  Coating floor with polyurethane that keeps the entire floor safe from destruction


These are the things that we can do for making laminate flooring waterproof. It’s up to you what type of flooring you go for but parquet laminate flooring can also be made as waterproof. Do consider various precautions that we used to follow while installing laminate flooring.






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