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4 Tips to clean Composite Doors!

Do you want to have a pristine finish and cleaned appeal of the front door of your house? It isn’t difficult at all even if you do not manage the time to clean it on a regular basis. However, it will be good if you make a habit of cleaning the grime on every weekend. Sometimes households get worried regarding the outer finish of composite doors in Nottingham because if they use harsh chemicals, the appeal can be destroyed. So, what actually should be used? Household stuff is more than enough to clean the composite door as far as you are concerned about the door paint. So, here are the tips:

  • Use Soft Cloth, Warm Water, and Detergent!

Households should try to use a soft cloth. It should be soaked in warm water and then you can gently rub the cloth over the door to remove the debris or grime. Later, the detergent should also be mixed in the water and it will help you a lot to get rid of the grime. The detergent shouldn’t contain harsh chemicals as you can use the one that seems good for washing clothes. Nothing else is needed.

  • Don’t use the Rough Side of Sponge!

The homeowners should avoid using the rough side of the sponge because it can actually leave scratches on the door. The abrasive pads should also be avoided. The lovely finish of the door can be maintained by simply using paint-friendly cleaning stuff and that is why household items are good to use.

– Use Lemon and Baking Soda!

Lemon and baking soda are ingredients that are good to use for stubborn stains only. However there is rust on the door, the items can prove helpful for that too. Well, you can keep the quantity of lemon low, as adding a few drops would be enough. More on, you can store this mixture for cleaning the windows too.

Use Coke!

The use of coke can do magic. You should try to soak a sponge into the coke and then apply it over the door. It is advised to leave the door for at least 15 minutes and it will be good enough to wipe the grime with a little effort. So, these are four tips that prove useful for cleaning the composite doors. The households can try them without being worried about the side effects.